from the capitol lawn


“Simplify, simplify.” (“Our life is frittered away by detail.”)  -HD Thoreau

I may remove watercolor altogether from this practice for a while. Have one double page spread in current sketchbook and then am free to choose new book to work in for a while. Am spending more time than I have allotted on these dailies. I must enforce some regulations!

The beautiful North Carolina State Capitol Building sits on a lovely square with jewel box churches at three corners. This was the only church building in any direct sun (with the fingernail moon rising above.) Christ Church Episcopal. I sat on the capitol square lawn with the sun at my back and had at it.


2 thoughts on “from the capitol lawn

  1. Connie Edens

    Once again, after a long hectic day, I allow myself to indulge in reading “non-essential” emails I have skipped to today (while being “productive”). I am finding your email and blog entries from today a delight. Thank-you for the words about increasing one’s failure rate and making imperfection the goal. How freeing! Music to my ears.

    I also enjoy your taking me (blog reader) along and sharing the challenges of your day in a new place and at the dreaded big box store, which is always brings a barrage of distractions. Thanks for including your comments about your creative process today. And all your drawings are amazing to me. Love the variety. Thanks for pushing ahead and sharing the fruits of your ‘failures’!

  2. suzannemcdermott Post author

    Thanks, Connie! I appreciate your taking the time with my “non-essentials!” I totally understand the “productive” mindset and frequently tear off to graze in the serendipitous and intuitive fields. Am so happy that you found mine and that it’s brought you something worth commenting on! Keep coming back. Love having you here.

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