Well, your wish is my command. In the North Carolina Museum of Art, I could only use pencil. Ran around the main galleries looking for something to sketch and alighted on an exquisitely subtle, ancient beauty. Torso of Aphrodite, Greek, circa 60 B.C.E., White Parian marble. Too much back lighting from the front, too many passers by ogling the adjacent Roman mosaic floor.

I made myself scarce by the window curtains, over the air vents. Too close to take in the entire remains of the statue (am missing the thighs.) Had to stop at the bottom of the page, just as the lighting and real drama began.

Added a bit of gold and grey watercolor wash after finding my way home.

Wanted to try making something more quickly and sketched this from the front (in extremely poor lighting) in 2 minutes. Felt alive again. A bit wonky, but closer to the source.



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