Elle Bag


A major part of practice is discovery.

In this case, starting into a new sketchbook with new paper and using new markers, I couldn’t help myself. I had to add watercolor. Well, what I remembered about the Moleskine sketchbook paper is that it absorbs color. What looked vivid on mixing and applying was quickly absorbed and diminished. I also discovered that one wash is all this paper can take. The color and water bled through to the back side and buckled the paper. Oh, well. Live and learn. 

Each different combo of tool, surface, manufacturer, size of point, brush, surface, produces different results. I’m reminded of what I already knew but temporarily forgot. A common occurrence. I knew that!

What’s great about the practice form is that it’s no major big deal to mess up in the process. (Though we’d always like to be perfect.)


7 thoughts on “Elle Bag

  1. suzannemcdermott Post author

    Thank you, Margaret! I have not had a moment to devote to developing design or development of this blog so I appreciate that you’re out there looking and commenting!!!

  2. Margaret Walker

    Oh good, I didn’t know if my comment went through or not – I kept getting “you must subscribe” emails from WordPress”. What I should have also said is that I am not only enjoying your blog but it is a very nice additional “learning tool” for me.

  3. suzannemcdermott Post author

    Chris! How great to hear from you. Thanks for the good words. Yeah, I’m with you on the Moleskins but, as I said, this one has been sitting on the shelf (well, one or another) for eons. Probably snagged it at a good price. The paper quality though… well, I’ll make do with it for this phase! Glad to know that you’re out there.

  4. suzannemcdermott Post author

    Heidi! Thanks for all your thoughtful comments on my blog postings so far. This fabulous bag ($1 at some yard sale) functions more as a miscellaneous gear bag for miscellaneous outings. Still trying to sort out best carry bag for current affairs.

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