Tibetan trinket


This is a desk job. So much business to attend to that I’m getting drawing out of the way as early as possible today (which is still not very early at all) instead of waiting till it’s late and dark.

This tiny trinket hangs from the harp on my desk lamp. The drawing is 4 – 6 times the size of the actual trinket.

I’ve added what I used for this drawing for the sake of my students. All previous drawings were with Pitt, Prismacolor or Sharpie markers. Learning how poorly any wash fares on this Moleskine paper, I’ve used some General’s Kimberly watercolor pencils (dry) for color.

Now I fully remember why this sketchbook sat on my shelf for years. I prefer white, white paper, stock that can take some wash without bleeding through to the previous drawings, and more acceptable binding (please note loose thread in center binding!)  Enough complaining. This is all part of the remembering and discovery process.

Now that I’ve started this notebook, must I continue? Well, the results of probably the markers and dry watercolor pencils are acceptable. If I skip a spread of pages in between drawings then there’s no reverse side drawing to ruin. I know that I have a new Stillman & Birn book on the way, but we’ll see how I feel tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Tibetan trinket

  1. Valval12!

    Cute pic and write-up. Footnotes on your materials are helpful and appreciated; for example based on paper colour and how the paper doesn’t take a wash well, I’m not gonna be using Moleskin books for my own practicing. Like you, I also prefer the white paper rather than the antique look of the yellower pages. I feel you should trust your gut on what to use for your daily sketching. You were reluctant to use this book, and it it ended up foreshadowing your ambivalence now. Seems like you’d be happier using that delightful Stillman & Birn book for this daily blog project. After a lifetime of being an artist, you know what you like – so do it and bring down the hammer like a judge.:D

  2. suzannemcdermott Post author

    That’s funny! Thanks Valval12! I should say that my drawings from 2 – 9 Nov., were done at the end of one Stillman & Birn. Also, Moleskine does have the watercolor sketchbook pages. Not as nice as the Stillman & Birn but far better than this sketchbook paper. Even after practicing a lifetime as an artist, there are always things we can use help with. Now… where’s that hammer?!?

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