Collapse copy

Spent too long on this. Needed to walk much farther, longer, instead.

A piece by Ledelle Moe, Collapse I, in the North Carolina Museum sculpture park. Deteriorating concrete and steel. Children were climbing all over it with parents looking on. Sign says clearly, Do Not Climb. A young Russian woman climbed it and stood at highest point. When I told her she wasn’t supposed to climb on it, her boyfriend said that they were forgetting that they were in America. When I asked what that was supposed to mean, he said, you’re not permitted to climb things here. I thought, where in Europe or Russia do people climb on sculpture? 

Anyway, it was a popular photo op spot. Lots of distractions which I did not mind at all. Only the time I spent on it. The equation seems to be: The less time I spend on a drawing or watercolor, the more I like it.

2 thoughts on “Collapse copy

  1. Heidi K

    I like the painting. Nice colours, good job!! 🙂 I’m curious about how large the sculpture is, in relation to an adult.

    Your experience with the Russian couple was interesting. Reminds me of Africa and also a bit of my energetic European aunts. I think the Russian guy might have been implying that in Russia they’re less rule-bound and therefore have more freedom than we do here in the US; his statement seems a bit rebellious. Just making a guess about that, and I may be way off since I don’t know what he was really thinking or what his demeanor was. Ultimately, the museum should be more in touch with what’s going on with that sculpture so that visitors don’t damage it. If people see that it’s possible to break the rules with no consequences, others may follow suit. Bit like dominoes.

  2. suzannemcdermott Post author

    I’m glad you like it, Heidi. That makes one of us. The sculpture is very large. The Russian guy was young and macho and and implying exactly what you said. I was cranky and not in the mood to go any farther with conversation. It was ironic because I am least likely to take offense at any crack like that about America/ans (because implication is true, in general.) I was busy and he was being ornery. I only cared about climbing because it was happening constantly and blatantly as I was sitting there. No sense of decorum or respect. The sculpture is ephemeral anyway because of materials and site and if museum really cared, I’m sure would take other action. I’m afraid this is a huge can of worms that requires discussion on culture and society and education and I’ll keep my remarks to a minimum from now on because this is only supposed to be a quick daily blog!

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