Stiff Buddha

I don’t think this is dry yet.

Tried to start this in the morning but could not find my kneaded eraser. Any kneaded eraser. My cat, Alonso, considers them a delicacy. He may have had them for desert yesterday. So I spent the drawing time I’d put aside to pull out boxes from the closet till I found my teaching stuff where all of the erasers are packed.

Ran home after a long lunch date just to do this (okay, I’m hooked.) Am running back out the door now. Late.

From a solid wood statue with remains of gold leaf splatter about surface. It’s an Indonesian carving that found its way to Holland (easy.) I bought it in a little side street shop in Eindhoven in the late 90’s.

For anyone interested, I’m listing my materials in the tags below post. For all you lovely people liking this posts with blogs of your own, thank you. I’m slow on response time because, well, time is in short supply for me right now! Anyway, you can see from the current blog form that this is bare bones. Just the drawings. At least for now.

À demain.


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