Blame it on the moon


I started this last night but finished it this morning so will have to count for today. It’s beautiful out. I’m relaxing, going to read, walk and have a massage.

Like sitting meditation, daily practice of most things will help you become better acquainted with your state of mind at any given time on any given day. I was beginning to think that I was losing mine (my mind) but, the truth is that I’ve moved to a brand new place and actually don’t know where I’m going or exactly what I’m doing. I’ve also started my daily drawing practice on my lap with tools in disarray or boxes stacked in closets, am pressed for time because I’ve not settled into a regular schedule and I’m also not clear on exactly what I want this daily practice to look like or be. And, thank you very much, I’ve decided to do this in public. Well, that’s the commitment part.

I knew the full moon was approaching but yesterday, when I was so agitated that I thought I might spin right off the planet, I stopped everything to check into the aspects of this particular full moon and what was up with the planetary forecast.

I came across Tom Lescher’s Youtube video about his take on this particular full moon. Talking about the current relationship of planets, he says:

“It all has to do with time. Been thinking a lot about time. It’s been coming up a lot. A lot of people are talking about how it’s speeding up. How we’re getting crushed, getting pushed. About “buying time” which doesn’t even exist except in our minds. It’s a human creation. A third dimension reality of space and time…it has to do with duty, responsibility, integrity, getting things done ethically, morally, in time on planet earth.”

If you’ve been reading or read back over the past week, you’ll know that my sense of limited time has been weighing heavily on me, so I found relief and a good laugh listening to his astrocast.  Click here for his entire video.

Read a bunch of other interpretations some of which are quoted in my cartoon above.

Going to take a walk in the sunlight now.

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