It’s just another one


After no coffee all day yesterday, I stopped for a shot of espresso after dinner at a downtown shop and tasted the best brew ever. Toscana, roasted by a Durham bean enterprise. It was all I could think of when I woke up so decided to take my sketchbook to Morning Times and do my drawing there.

Young barista, Dylan, offered me a second doppio on him of a blend he’s working with for a barista competition (who knew?) early next year. I may as well have been at a high end wine tasting. Anyway, good thing I had four shots this morning because, as much as I love the Toscana, it was a little cure with too much of a good thing.

Wasn’t crazy about the drawing and watercolor pencil sketch I did on site in another sketchbook so made a copy (“just like the other one”) in the moleskine watercolor book later at home, in a studio room I just started setting up today because I’ve realized that, aside from, perhaps, museum statues, I no longer like to work outside in public. Or should I say that I no longer like the results and I don’t have the time to invest. I did drawings and paintings outdoors in all sorts of places between 1996 – 2002 but don’t want to anymore. Also, I don’t want to work on my lap.

All discoveries and remembrances part of the adjustment and learning curve of this current endeavor. Eventually, something will click and fall into gear and I’ll feel like I know what I’m doing (let’s hope), but till then, I must deal with the discomfort, failure and occasional happy result.


2 thoughts on “It’s just another one

  1. Heidi K

    Looks cozy with the cup and saucer by the window; I like how you went ahead and improved on your earlier watercolour. Here’s to things falling into gear, and an increase in happy results! 🙂

  2. suzannemcdermott Post author

    Thanks, Heidi. Actually, earlier version was a sketch with watercolor pencil scribbles. The paper was too flimsy to take any more than just a dab of water so that was really an experiment. Yet another part of the process.

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