Down Six Forks Road


Out for a business meeting at 8 AM. Lots of driving around. Not back till after 2 PM. The roads were beautiful, lined with soft fall leaves, pale gold and rust.

Scribbled out these two iterations of impressions quickly and, even though I left them out a while, still smeared wet paint on the scanner screen (and across the below pen and wash.)

At top is my second mad dash with brush and pen in the Moleskine watercolor book. When I say mad dash, I mean mad dash! I have a feeling this practice will start to even out soon enough.




5 thoughts on “Down Six Forks Road

  1. Heidi K

    Lovely! Same as Zanna, our leaves are also mostly all gone. I see you used your Lamy Safari fountain pen. I’ve been considering one of those. Looks like the Moleskin watercolour book is working out nicely.

  2. Zanna

    What size is the nib on your Lamy Safari? Mine is fine and sometimes the ink doesn’t absorb. Especially on my sketch book paper. I think a new sketch book may be in order.

  3. suzannemcdermott Post author

    Lamy Safari is really not designed as a sketching nib but rather for handwriting. My medium nib skips on drawing paper. I have both Fine and Medium points of various Safaris. Like everything else, each medium and tool will take some time getting used to. But the Safari nib often skips on sketch paper surfaces unless the flow is really going (which happens with handwriting on smoother paper.) Also remember that the Lamy cartridge ink bleeds if you plan to add any wash or watercolor.

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