Suddenly, I can’t resize my images properly on Pixelmator. These things always require an investment of time so I’ll go with the flow till I have time to investigate further.

Yes, the day went, in large part, to the cats and dogs. Puke fest this morning with one, poop fest with another while the first laundry load was finishing. The dogs have been out barking for a couple of hours. 

Did a pen and watercolor pencil sketch of Ginger Ale first thing but as soon as I took a brush to the thing, I wrecked it. Casting about for another subject after clearing a bunch of business hours, I finally settled on Valentino out the studio window as he stood, then sat, then stood, then ran around, then sat again.

I’m liking the pencil. A lot. 


5 thoughts on “Valentino

  1. Heidi K

    Is Valentino as playful as he looks? Sounds like you have plenty of pets to love and be loved by 🙂

  2. suzannemcdermott Post author

    Yes, Heidi. Am surrounded by playful, loving creatures!

    and Thank you, Susan. I love it, too. Mostly because it’s made me fall back in love with pencil! As I said a while back on my post of the apples in watercolor and pencil, those two have always been my primary loves. The ink calls but… excuse me. There’s a cat trying to mount the desk here. Must go.

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