Head of Bacchus


Grabbed my Toned Tan sketch book and ran through the rain to the NC Museum of Art for an hour.

The models are exceptional and I’ve been dying to work up some pencil and conté images. Used my General’s 8B woodless graphite here. Have been thinking of making a weekly date for just such excursions. Will have to allow more time next time.

Very uncomfortable working in my own shadow, standing while propping up the 11 x 14 pad against my stomach. Took a while to just get the shape and angle of the head. Next time, perhaps I’ll make a better working situation for myself.  If possible.


4 thoughts on “Head of Bacchus

  1. Heidi K

    Love it – very lifelike! The toned paper and conti crayons look really good with this kind of drawing. Are the models you drew from statues/busts, or real people? Hope I can do faces like that one day.

  2. suzannemcdermott Post author

    The remains of a B.C.Greek statue, Heidi. One tip for your future: You draw heads, not faces. Reference the Reginald Marsh anatomy book.

  3. Heidi K

    Hmmm, good plan. Will read Reginald Marsh this week, and think of heads instead of flat faces! 🙂

  4. Susan Barlowe

    Very nice date, the weekly part sounds like a winner. He’s very handsome. The conte has such an earthy natural quality I like very much.

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