Lots of Boxes


Okay, one box. But as soon as I get out of here and off to the post office, it will be with lots of boxes. Now, it’s sitting by the front door.

This is going off early for my brother’s birthday. I’m not buying anything today, except for a good cup of coffee at Morning Times.

The parking lot at Walmart yesterday morning (next to which I stopped for a cup of coffee at Starbucks) was revoltingly packed. Ah, well. Commerce.



5 thoughts on “Lots of Boxes

  1. Heidi K

    Nice work on the pencil drawing! Your fortunate bro is getting lots of birthday TLC!

    Yup, today is a commercial zoo. We went to Starbucks, and then to Daniel Smith to get my husband a sketchbook of his own 🙂 I didn’t get any art supplies this time, since I think I have everything I need. The only thing I’m debating is whether to get a bigger palette. I often end up using too many dishes that can get bumped around.

    I like the look of your giant porcelain palette in an earlier post. I found it on the internet, plus I found a colourwheel shaped porcelain palette with a Stephen Quiller brand name which might be good. Just quite expensive. Not really sure right now which way to lean on those.

    Time to feed the family; chow for now!

  2. Susan Barlowe

    I love the box. Boxes have always been something that I have always been drawn to. I really like the idea do things hidden inside. So, there is a box with a hidden something inside, and a jar or jug with no lid or cap. One open and the other hidden. I like it.

  3. suzannemcdermott Post author

    Yes, my bro is fortunate, Heidi and, Susan, no revealing contents of box should my brother deign to review my blog and contents. You never know. Interesting take on the closed/hidden, open aspects, Susan! You both are lucky to have missed my museum drawing classes. I used to stack boxes of all sizes on top of one another and have students draw once then draw again with subdominant hand. One person cried once 😦 but many did quite well… Nonetheless, it was a challenge.

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