Backyard, too


For now, while life and living and work situation are still in flux, I am okay with being a Sunday Painter.  By which I mean large paintings.

As long as I’m here and it (the back yard) is out there, I’ll work on these scenes on Sundays. Unless it gets too bleak and comes to look like poles. We’ll see.

I made so many paintings of my Nashville back yard! Click here for a link to some…


7 thoughts on “Backyard, too

  1. Heidi K

    It’ll be interesting to see how your backyard changes as seasons progress. Do these large size paintings take much longer than the smaller ones, or do you maybe switch to some bigger brushes? I love the way your green and pink/red colours blend in the foreground bushes. 🙂

  2. suzannemcdermott Post author

    Thanks, Heidi. I’ve decided against reverse engineering my new paintings. I really need to just do them and let them evolve without going back over them trying to explain what transpired in public. 🙂

  3. Heidi K

    Here’s to learning thru’ exploration and practice – it makes sense 🙂

    I just walked my mum home, she stayed over quite late, and we were blown away by the raggedy clouds. I ran home to get my camera, and took pics on the Twilight setting, they’re not too clear, but there’s a gist. I like the clouds kind of raggedy and choppy. We’ve got a storm system moving in, and they were really hoofing it across the sky, very strong cold winds etc.

    Your course helped me a lot, since now I appreciate nature and its drama around me. More people should take Drawing and Watercolour lessons!

  4. Susan Barlowe

    Some people never notice nature. Such a waste. Suzanne’s painting-I like the long lengths of the trees and the unusual melon color is refreshing. The white areas add dimension. LIke Heidi I agree that the grasses in front are quite nice with the reds bleeding upward into the greens.

  5. Suzanne McDermott

    Thank you, Darlings! You know, when I first started teaching my workshops (that eventually grew into the full course you both took), I called them “Drawing & Watercolor in the Natural World” and held almost all of them outside. Then I spoiled myself with a studio! (But a studio with loads of windows…)

  6. Heidi K

    Great course history! You created the perfect compromise, lots of windows to welcome nature inside. 🙂

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