I need a pedicure!


This morning, I grabbed this bottle of nail polish that’s sitting on my desk. Why is it sitting on my desk? I really couldn’t tell you except that my “stuff” is still in transition.

Anyway, I have two bottles of nail polish that I bought, oh, four and five years ago. They’ll last me the rest of my life.

I couldn’t stand this drawing when I first finished (very fast and very sloppy) but, after it had dried and I’d been away from it all day, I thought, well… it’s okay. I’ll post it.

Meanwhile, I started a new something. I’m not terribly satisfied with drawing everyday objects and scenes. I did the objects eons ago in art classes and art school and then scenes during my touring days.  However, drawing whatever has been at hand has been a phenomenal way to get me back into daily practice (and blogging.) Anyway, it’s always good practice and I’ll return to it intermittently. Personally, I just like to have a project with certain specifics.

So, I’ll ask you to stay tuned for tomorrow when I’ll post my prototype of the series I’ll concentrate on this month. Can you hear the drum roll?


3 thoughts on “I need a pedicure!

  1. Heidi K

    Had to laugh about your nail polish sketch. It’s actually very good.

    My daughter’s obsessed with nail polish and all the goodies that can be layered over it. These days, it’s the fashion to have a plain undercoat, over which another coat is applied with various textures or designs – from sparkly, matte or marble effects, to holographic shimmer. She does her nails every three days, and it looks Gorgeous!

    If you use sparkly nail polish on your nails, your hands would twinkle across the paper as you paint. How distracting would that be! 🙂

  2. Susan Barlowe

    I love your nail polish picture. We are no longer allowed to wear nail polish at work, not even clear. Nails have to be less than a quarter of an inch. So my polish will last a long long time in the frig. I do hear that drum roll.

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