Hermit Thrush


Stillman + Birn also sent me a 6 x 8″ coil bound sketchbook. Wasn’t sure how to start it but, after Fledgling, I decided to make a book of birds.

I went to the library and pulled a few backyard bird books off the shelf for reference and just started in yesterday. This feels unfinished (I want to add metallic paint or markers.) But it’s finished for now! I can always go back in and play with them later.

Wooden compared with Fledgling but that’s okay. These will evolve. I’ve been wanting to make fabric patterns so I think that urge is arising here. But I already want to return to the freedom and joy of Fledgling. Well, one thing at a time!

The Hermit Thrush (and Wood Thrush) are my favorite singers. Oh, they just take my breath away when I hear them in the woods. The above is a bit more squat than you would find so just pretend that it’s very cold and she is about to take flight.

Click here to listen to the Hermit Thrush song.


5 thoughts on “Hermit Thrush

  1. Heidi K

    What a good idea; to make a book of birds. I like how you’re thinking about playing more with the painting but aren’t rushing into it.

  2. lynnie

    I love the idea of a bird book! It is interesting to see how you do the details of the background as well. A cold bird taking flight..love your interpertation 🙂

  3. Zanna

    I love it. My birds came today in a mass. They are so beautiful and fun to watch. No thrushes, but titmice, woodpeckers, and nuthatches. No bears.

  4. Susan Barlowe

    My Mom made a lot of little birds out of dough and painted them years ago. They are beautiful. Thank you for the picture and added audio – so nice-

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