American Robin


For years of springs on my front porch in Nashville, a pair of American Robins built their nest and raised several batches of babies, one messy, hungry bunch after another. Alas, one late winter day, I found the two of them in the street, each run over by different tires of the same car. Probably while in their mating dance. Finding them there was one of the most heartbreaking moments of my life. I buried them in the side yard digging up the dirt by hand.

Click here to see photos of that pair and their various broods.

Click here to listen to the robin songs and calls.


3 thoughts on “American Robin

  1. Susan Barlowe

    I really enjoyed the love story of the robin family. Such a sweet story. Those robins really decorated their nest pretty with the greenery. The bird watercolors are wonderful.

  2. Zanna

    Robins are special birds for me too. My best friend’s name was Robin. She was killed by a drunk driver at 21. That same day my son, Aaron, was born. We were living in Maine then. In April there was still snow on the ground. I looked out of my kitchen window, and there was a single robin sitting on the snow. I always felt it was her there to tell me she was okay. Your robin looks happy and content. Beautiful, subtle colors.

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