Unless you can throw paint at a canvas, draw dark, devil like drawings or otherwise channel frustration and anger in some creative fashion, it’s best to postpone creative activities that require at least a steady hand (when you’re in a bad place.)

As I can only speak for myself, really, I’ll say that’s the case for me. I’m understandably overwhelmed and exhausted and any excess, unexpected stress can make me pop.

All this only a preface to the fact that I overworked a not very good start to a blue jay in the style of the last three pages. I spent way too much, frequently interrupted time on it and it sucked. Plain and simple. No way to save it. So, I turned the page and took a different tack. Glad I did.

Not a delinquent but definitely a juvie.


6 thoughts on “Juvie

  1. Susan Barlowe

    This is my favorite. I can see the determination to take off on this one. I love the colors (tropical or painted bunting). This is truly watercolor performing.

  2. suzannemcdermott Post author

    All rightee, then. Thank you very much and I’ll tell you all in detail why at a later time. XO

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