Torso of an Emperor


The full title is Torso of an Emperor in the Guise of Jupiter. Roman, 1st century, marble.

Did the emperor really have a bod like this? Is this what Jupiter looked like? Or was it all obvious in the missing head?

I did not have fun doing this but I did it anyway. That workout the other night? My trainer was The Devil. I am now intimately acquainted with my (inflamed, uncomfortable, freaking out) psoas muscle. I have to keep working it out to strengthen it push through this temporary misery. I only bring this up because I was looking straight at this statue’s pronounced psoas muscle and that seemed to make mine hurt even more.

I know this is good practice but I just want to watercolor!


2 thoughts on “Torso of an Emperor

  1. Susan Barlowe

    So this is “Hard as a rock.” He is beautiful. I too like the conte, it has such a natural, earthy look.

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