Boundary IV (unfinished)


Finally was able to snap a pic with additional work I did after the light faded from Sunday.  Needs more work or abandonment. Not going to think about it anymore for now.


My head was not in the game today. Too many distractions. A lot of hubbub in the household, industrial strength washer and dryer at full tilt on other side of the wall and I laid out a fresh palette. Really needed to focus but, well, did the best I could.

Also had an appointment on the other end of my painting time so made some errors I knew better about. Plus I added two yellows that I’m not sure about. I’m pretty solid about most of my colors but not the straight ahead yellows. Hmmmm…I should make a color chart. What a concept!

I worked more on the thing after above snap shot and it may look better to me in the morrow, but it felt like too much up in the air, too many colors, really, not enough time or privacy. But here’s a quick shot of my fresh palette in the process of lay out:


This is a daily blog. So, like it or not, this is what I’ve got to post!


4 thoughts on “Boundary IV (unfinished)

  1. Heidi K

    I love how the front hedge shadows and background tree trunks are cool greys whereas the the foliage colours are warmer. Overall, I like the picture lots, it’s got good depth and detail, good contrasts between warms and cools and lights and darks. Nice touch to see the clouds behind the trees, and the garden chairs. Your day of chaos yielded something good with this watercolour.

    Have fun sorting your palette and maybe doing that colour chart. I’m also enjoying colour experiments of my own since getting the new colours recommended after the Drawing & Watercolour course. In some ways, I enjoying playing and experimenting more than planning something real. At least half of what goes into a painting seems to be knowing how to handle the paint. But perhaps something can grow out of experimenting, right?

    Thanks for this blog!

  2. suzannemcdermott Post author

    Thanks, Heidi. Right you are about the experimenting. Great creations arise from play.

  3. Zanna

    Love the shadows. The painting has such a light airy feeling. Especially like the front bottom.

  4. suzannemcdermott Post author

    And there you have it, Zanna. That’s the part I like the least. The power of objective observation. I’m leaving it alone for a few days and then going back with fresh eyes!

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