Mordecai Spring


What a gorgeous day!!! The most beautiful winter solstice in memory. I wandered around a new (to me) neighborhood and, after a brisk walk, plopped down on a tree stump in this little park and simply sketched what was in front of me.

Mordecai Springs is across from Mordecai House. After I find a more permanent living/working situation and get some business affairs in order, I’ll be more relaxed about exploring historic Raleigh. Looking forward to that!

(Being more relaxed, mostly.)

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4 thoughts on “Mordecai Spring

  1. lynnie

    Absolutely beautiful. So wonderful to live in such a historical neighborhood. You have much to look forward to.

  2. Suzanne McDermott

    Thanks, lynnie. I don’t live in this neighborhood. Was actually apartment hunting as I’m still in temporary landing quarters. But there’s a lot of history embedded in general area so I expect lots to explore for a while!

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