Badger-Iredell Law Office


It was so gorgeous yesterday that I wanted to stay outside. Quick sketch of one of the out buildings on the Mordecai historic building site. A law office.

If I manage to get some alone time in temporary studio room today, I’m going to work on finishing things started over the week.

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3 thoughts on “Badger-Iredell Law Office

  1. Zanna

    Thanks for the Mordecai link. Interesting reading. Sounds like you’ll find lots to paint there. Nice drawing!

  2. Heidi K

    Great that you had a lovely day, the law office drawing is super!

    I also had a surprisingly nice day at the shops with my daughter; though I’m thinking she’s finished her shopping for real now. 😉 Haha, after Xmas I’ll need a holiday to recover from the holiday! 😀

  3. Susan Barlowe

    Wow! Not much overhead in that office. It is indeed a very nice drawing. Hope you have a whole 2014 year of gorgeous days.

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