Fare thee well


Ginger Alexander
January 1995 – 24 December 2013

My buddy, Ginger Ale is on to a new adventure. Posting this quickly before my tears can stain it.

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5 thoughts on “Fare thee well

  1. Heidi K

    Our pets become interwoven into so many of life’s daily rhythms, and improve our lives and help us cope with life’s ups and downs. It feels like you and Ginger Ale shared a very long and special bond. Surely Ginger Ale loved being your buddy, and took comfort in your compassion. You’re in our thoughts, so sorry for your loss.

  2. Margaret

    Suzanne. I am so sorry. I know the pain of losing a dear furry friend. There are no good words I can say but wanted you to know I am thinking of you!

  3. Zanna

    Suzanne, I’m so sorry for your loss. I know how much it hurts to lose a beloved kitty. I still miss my Katiecat. She’s been gone for 9 years. The painting shows a cat looking into your heart.

  4. suzannemcdermott Post author

    Thank you all for your kind words. I was fortunate that old, dear friends happened to see my facebook postings while I was in the E.R. on Christmas Eve (all afternoon and evening.) They happened to be in Raleigh and I spent all Christmas Day with them. A real blessing (and new found appreciation for facebook!) Going to go comfort Alonso and Tallulah. Hope that you all enjoyed beautiful Christmases!

  5. Susan Barlowe

    I am happy to hear you had your friends to share Christmas Day with you. Thinking of you losing such a dear friend makes my heart ache.

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