Absurd Angel


My sense of humor runs to the absurd. Once upon a time, a man from Sri Lanka who owned a store in Culpepper, Virginia gave me this mouse angel. I had a show of prints and performed some songs from my Christmas program there.

When I have had small Christmas trees over the years, they’ve been decorated with funny cats and birds, crowned by this particular angel.  It made me chuckle.

That’s a good thing!

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5 thoughts on “Absurd Angel

  1. Zanna

    Made me smile. She is very unique, reminds me of a flying nurse angel! Good thing you kept her.

  2. suzannemcdermott Post author

    Yes, I think she looks like a nurse, too. It’s bizarre… the little cap and tie shoes.

  3. Heidi K

    Very nice use of colour. I like how crisp you kept the white in her dress, and how you shaded the folds in the fabric. Wonder what she’s thinking!. 😉

  4. Susan Barlowe

    She has quite a determined look on her face like a super,mouse, nurse,hero. HA ! “Do not fear, super mouse nurse is here!

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