Better acceptance


Tutti on blankie above who, like all good cat models, insists on moving several times during even a super quick sketch.

To quote myself from my Basic Drawing Lessons book,

“As you practice, over time you will learn to accept that you won’t always get a drawing right. But sometimes you get it beautifully right. Through drawing practice, you find opportunities to learn to better accept yourself.”

Today, on the second day with no hot water (and no notice of when there will be), I accept my scribbles as my day is interrupted by, you know, managing with less time. My inability to spend the time required to make a good drawing is evident (although I tried 3 times.) Actually, I think the issue is more my inability to calm my mind and focus rather that spending time I think is required. Another word for that is… anxiety! Still, I drew and I posted and that is that!

Looking out door before search for a hot shower.


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One thought on “Better acceptance

  1. Heidi K

    Oh Purrrr, you’ve been drawing kitties just like me! 🙂 Yeah, it can be tricky if they’re not sleeping in the way cats do so divinely. 😛 Great drawing of the door, nice that we can see thru’ its window. 🙂

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