Workshop Cup


Taught my first Basic Drawing workshop in Raleigh this afternoon amid rain and heavy winds and threat of tornados.

Success! Although I’ve never taught a “bad” workshop, I’m always relieved to reach the end and find that everyone learned a lot and enjoyed the experience. (Especially when I’m warned of a tough crowd, as I was when booked for today’s workshop.) Will be back to teach a watercolor workshop in two weeks and have yet another lined up elsewhere for next weekend.

Now, if the year can book up like so, I’ll be even further relieved!

If you’ve been to one of my live workshops, you’ll recognize this sort of 3 – 5 minute demo and, perhaps, even the cup!

2 minute leaf exercise below. I’m going to start living by my timer again starting … well, I already started today and cut out an enormous amount of dawdling in the a.m.


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2 thoughts on “Workshop Cup

  1. Heidi K

    Just got home, and I’m recovering from a whirlwind shopping trip with my daughter (she needed some professional duds chop chop). Love the quick drawing exercise with the leaf, and the cup is cute. 😉 It must have been fun to have such an invigorating setting for the workshop thanks to stormy weather 😀

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