Drawing to the rescue


I attended a rather mediocre Kirtan/concert on Friday night. The company was good and so were the hosts so all was not lost. Early on, I remembered that I had a sketch book and pencils in my shoulder bag so quietly pulled them out and scribbled in the almost dark. It helped enrich the experience.


Always keep your sketchbook handy!

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3 thoughts on “Drawing to the rescue

  1. Susan Barlowe

    Such a good idea. We are the most advanced cameras. I can see the man singing and hear the beat of the drums. Wonderful practice to work in almost dark.

  2. Heidi K

    Way to Go! Looks like you turned lemons into lemonade by morphing the not so hot concert into a drawing in the shadows experiment. Pretty good considering the almost dark lighting you worked in.

  3. Zanna

    Drawing in the dark like you did means you use your skills “blindly” and work from feeling and experience. Great movement.

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