I need a hit. In my attempt to allow something new to arise, I’ve been all over the map with my daily drawings and not pleased with results for the most part. But it’s not about results. But it is. Part of my misery/delight is that I’m wedded to my Lamy Safari and, apparently unwilling to change to permanent (rather than bleeding) ink. The other thing is that I can’t seem to leave my line drawings alone and tend to absolutely ruin them with water. And then trying to fix them, making things worse. Even though I know better. So back to graphite (only a #2) for the time being just for a small victory. I’d also like more time to spend but have more pressing matters at the moment.

After original post, I found this appropriate quote so am adding:

“Many artists become so afraid of producing artworks of sub-standard quality, that they never produce anything at all. Unless it meets their imagined ideal of what they ought to be able to produce, they procrastinate and make excuses, instead of making art. That avoids the humiliation, but it also ensures that nothing is produced.

“It has been said that we all learn from our mistakes, so the best way to become a success is to drastically increase your rate of failure. I think we should make failure our goal. How liberating is that? We get to make art, knowing from the outset that it is our intention to produce something not quite good enough. For perhaps the first time in our lives, instead of being afraid of making something that isn’t quite perfect, we’re emboldened to go ahead and make something we know, for certain, won’t be.”

― Creative Ideas for Starving Artists


2 thoughts on “Rabbit

  1. suzannemcdermott Post author

    Thanks! And thanks for liking my posts along the way. This rabbit is okay. I do like some of what I’ve posted here. But I’m only as good as my last performance (so the saying goes). Still, I found an appropriate quote (while looking for something else) so I’ll add that.

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