Upping the practice


All rightee. Now that I’ve been drawing and posting daily for about 50 days, I understand, more or less, what I want to do and my next steps. In the interest of firming up stylistic presentation, over the next x amount of time, I’ll be drawing the same subject with various mediums.

For some reason, I love drawing teddy bears so I’m starting with those as my subject here in plain pen, graphite line, watercolor pencil (just one light set of marks and wash) and scribbly watercolor (not on watercolor paper, I might add).




The next steps are changing up some of my tools. I ordered a couple of new fountain pens for waterproof ink (and a bottle of that). I’ll try a new book of watercolor paper from Canada and I am definitely going to need a new scanner. The latter will take some research.

I’ll also need to rearrange my studio a bit. But one thing at a time.

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