under reconstruction


the life-changing art of tidying up

Between creating a portfolio and marketing materials for my new creative animal service, sorting through paintings and whatnot for my table at last Saturday’s Raleigh Makers Market, working out long term details for local workshops, demos and a new coaching client, and prepping for next Saturday’s Basic Drawing Workshop at Sertoma, my house is a wreck!

Fortunately, I am half-way through Marie Kondo’s best seller on tidying up. It’s not for nothing that this book is lingering at #1 on the NYT Best Seller list. I highly recommend it. I’m through the clothes phase, which was not so difficult, mostly through my books but, good lord, my entire work life is on paper.

All that is to say that I may not be posting daily drawings this week as I am devoted to tidying up in a big way. Meanwhile, please go visit my home website. See what’s new and featured and available! It’s still coming along but has made a few leaps in the last couple of weeks.

If you’ll please excuse me now, I am going to do a superficial floor sweep to gather up Miss Tallulah fur.


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