Lucky, lucky, lucky


I’ve completed my magical tidying up exercise and the book as well. Just before I plunged into the tidying rage, I took a walk. As I was rounding my last corner, I came up behind an octogenarian intently studying the grass beside the sidewalk.

Look”, she said, as she showed me a bouquet of 4-leaf clover she’d found within 15 feet. “I’ve been looking for these since I was a little girl.” and handed me one.

I sat down and drew it as soon as I got home and pressed it in a book. I’ve already forgotten which one.

Taught a successful drawing workshop over the weekend to a lovely group and start a longer class tomorrow. Good to be back at the drawing board.


One thought on “Lucky, lucky, lucky

  1. createarteveryday

    Wow, so beautiful!! I’m very happy for that lady. I’ve been searching all my life too! Daughter and hub find then easily. Great job on the painting.

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