Pelargonium Gaveolens


As it turns out, my Geranium essential oil is actually, Rose Geranium.
A different sort of geranium but one I happen to have just outside my back door.

Once upon a time, I collected every variety I could find of the scented-leaf group of Pelargoniums. At the height of this craze, I had several varieties of Rose, Lemon, Lemon Rose, Peppermint, another sort of Mint, Nutmeg, Apple, and more. I particularly loved the delicate, light green Apple, and the velvety, broad leaf Peppermint. They were all highly susceptible to Aphids and I spent many hours making and spraying a soapy Cayenne Pepper mix. But the Aphids put up a mighty fight and never really went away.


2 thoughts on “Pelargonium Gaveolens

  1. Mineke Reinders

    Hey Suzanne, so glad to see a recent post! I was missing you on FB and lost track of you in the blogosphere some time ago. This is so delicate and beautiful! I love pelargoniums too, and I remember the scented varieties, especially lemon. Lovely 🙂
    Hope we can catch up sometime soon. I’ve missed you.

  2. suzannemcdermott Post author

    Mineke! Watercolor, cats… of course you like pelargoniums! I properly matted and framed your cranes last week and, if I peek over the computer screen, can see it sitting atop my bookcase. Love it! Would love to catch up soon, too. XO

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