Frankie in Progress


I loved my pencil sketch but when I went in with watercolor, I thought that all was lost. Plus I had a confidence hit over the past couple of entries which interfered with my ability to get back to this. Anyway, I just kept at this over the initial watercolor washes with pitt pen (unsuccessful), ink (also unsuccessful), watercolor pencil (better), and wash on top (scary but okay, it worked).

Am posting because I couldn’t raise anyone on the phone to discuss with. Am very pleased with my resilience, perseverance, and courage—on not giving up when I thought the game was lost.

This is the hallmark of creativity. So Frankie unfolds. I miss him so but, in doing this work, it’s like he’s right here with me in all his noble puppyhood.


2 thoughts on “Frankie in Progress

  1. Sand Salt Moon

    I like that ocean in the background, having just done a seascape myself. This is a lovely portrait in progress. What do you mean “a confidence hit”?

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