Scribbled Lemur


Here’s what I was scribbling on at the height of my eye worry, haze and glare. Had an idea that I’d like to draw the Madagascar Lemurs. Started with this Indri from a moving film with a glass of wine at hand. Not a combo for a well composed description. Sat down to scribble a little on it over three days. Wonky, but it kept my hand in some sort of practice through a scary phase. Which is now relieved.

It’s the practice of posting that’s more important than the perfection of drawing or whatever.

Happy Full Moon!


2 thoughts on “Scribbled Lemur

  1. rebecca

    I love lemurs…the Aquarium here in Skansen in Stockholm Sweden has Lemurs and I just love visiting them! The tales and yellow eyes…and their hands are amazing!!

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