Tools with color


Why I can’t remember to not start a piece on paper unsuitable for water, I cannot say. But here’s the result of yesterday’s Tools on pretty cheap paper with color. And scene.


4 thoughts on “Tools with color


    There is an art in knowing how to handle a difficult situation once you start. I think it is a wonderful piece, a good reminder on what to pack, and keep it simple and light, esp for folks like me that get bogged down with the supplies. Happy New Year! Suzanne. Enjoying your work and pictures posted. You played a big part in my life creating art. Thank you, Susan Barlowe

  2. suzannemcdermott Post author

    Happy New Year, Susan! Great to hear from you. Glad you like this one. Not for packing, though… just what I’m using currently on my drawing board. Am in the midst of a rather large illustration project (63 pieces) and am at the composition (graphite) stage at the moment. Just working out of my travel watercolor kit before laying out large palette when the time is right. Hope you’re in good health and finding time for creating art!

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