Wrens 1


I love my preliminary pencil drawings so am proceeding to enhance those. I went over (most of) my pencil lines with one of my fine point Lamy pens. Am taking a break before adding anything else to possibly minimize wrecking what I have as yet.

The Lamy cartridge ink bleeds, so I don’t want to wade into that danger right this sec. Why use the Lamy if it presents such a challenge? The nib is super flexible and the pen is a joy to hold. Art markers are fine but they are not flexible. I have cartridges that I can fill with permanent ink but haven’t yet found an ink I’m happy with. There’s a Japanese ink I’d like to try… Pilot Iroshizuku.

I am also not so sure that I want to go in with gouache either. I might sleep on it all before taking another step.


One thought on “Wrens 1

  1. cavepainter

    These are so lively. 🙂
    The pilot inks do look good, especially the kiri-same, but maybe a little pricey for me. Have you ever used gouache? It’s very versatile. 🙂

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