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Rose-breasted Grosbeak

rose-breastead grosbeak replace

So pretty. The bird and the song.


a wren too far

a wren too far

Well… I made a mess of that! Mostly by continuing to try to “fix” it. But the intention was good. Am nursing my drawing hand after being badly bitten by a cat up for adoption. (Wasn’t his fault.) I was a little worried last night with a mountain of a bruise under a gash on the back of my hand and all snowed in but have been doing all the right at home remedies and I think I’ll be fine without a need for antibiotics. The hand is sore and keep dropping things that I pick up with that hand and I’ll have a new scar but there’s little, if any sign of infection.

I HATE showing D- work but it’s honest. And that’s the story for today.

Bird break or Cherubims 1 & 2


It is IMPOSSIBLE to draw properly with white board markers on white board. I’m sure that some young whippersnapper has found a hack around this but I have not yet caught wind of it. Nonetheless, I try, week after week in live classroom situations to do so, always cursing beneath my breath.

This week? Head studies. These two? Most successful (not saying much but saying a LOT at the same time) in evidence here.

I already drag so much crap to live classes, the thought of dragging large pads of paper for drawing and how to support same while doing live demos gives me the willies. I do the best I can.