Boy in velvet, reading

boy in velvet

Made this in two parts. Not really finished but doubt that I’ll go back into it. First swipe was during crisis of live class while a highly disruptive student was acting out. Second swipe made during live class, one week later, after the storm. He served his purpose. Not enough pigment on random plate with leftover paints to make a true black for his velvet jacket or browns for the depths of his dirty blonde hair. Just a sketch but the students loved it after class so… here ’tis.

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Yellow Pup 1


Some things are going to change. A.) Not using Kunst&Papier notebooks anymore. That paper is not good for me except for, maybe, drawing paper. B.) Not going to feel obligated to post any sort of complete piece for the sake of daily posting. Just saying.

Birds are fine but I love drawing all sorts of animals. This pup, for example. During stolen moments during two classes today.