Too funny

bowl of fruit demo

I have been so completely involved in course creation, teaching and private coaching this year that I’ve had no time to draw or paint on my own. Except for demos, on occasion, in the classroom.

Here’s one from last week which, apparently was bowl of fruit day in Basic Watercolor. Following on the heels of my last, long ago posting of bowl of fruit day from Basic Drawing. I am not always a fan of my demos because they’re rushed and under pressure of quick performance while talking out loud (hard on the brain) but I like the way this one turned out. A lot.


Monarch Caterpillar

Monarch-raw copy-small

I said that I’d get back to this eventually, and so I have.

On January 7, I drew and posted a horrid scan of this monarch caterpillar and the butterfly it becomes. Last night and just now, I colored the caterpillar on the computer and excerpted it from the rest of the drawing.

My teaching is far outweighing my drawing during this phase but that’s the way these things go. It’s always a balancing act.

Red Dresses


While digging through papers for this week’s watercolor class, I came across this unfinished quickie I made in class last fall. I love many things about it and one of my students asked if I’d ever finished it. You know, I start these things in class so I won’t hover over students but then have to quick jump up to help when need arises.

Anyway, when I looked at it again, I thought…this reminds me of something…

Sure enough, while looking for something else recently, I came across a watercolor I made in high school from a photo in Seventeen Magazine. I must have been 16 and this was a very young René Russo modeling a dress I later spotted and bought. Red with white swiss dot and that bric-a-brac I never see anymore. Loved it.


Class demos


All right. I guess I had to take a break while the world started shifting on its axis. Yesterday, I gave remedial demos to new watercolor class groups. A practical value exercise. The lower left is on hot press from a.m. studio, the upper on cold press from late in the afternoon class. With the last of my Winsor Newton Quinacridone Gold. I prefer the Daniel Smith but the WS has its merits.